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 The lake of Heviz


Heviz-Thermal Water -Lake Heviz-Danubius spa Hotel Heviz

It is the largest and best known medicinal bath in Hungary, located just 6 km from the northern shore of the Balaton, with important tourism. The thermal lake with a surface of 47,500 m², covered with water lilies is the largest lake with peat bottom in the world. Daily 80 million liters of sulphurous, alkali hydrogen carbonate medicinal water with a mild radon content gushes to the surface so the water of the entire lake is replenished every 48 hours. The temperature of the rushing water is 36 ºC. During the summer the water of the lake is a constant 33-34 ºC, while in winter it never falls below 26 ºC.
The medicinal water has a special curative effect on the different kinds of rheumatic, locomotor, muscle and nervous system’s disorders and gynaecological problems.

The curative effect of the mud - covering the bottom of the lake - is especially strong. This mud can be positioned between the purely inorganic mud and the fango, with high organic content. As in dehydrated state it consists in 20% of organic components its heat storing capacity is very high. Main components are the different plant fibres. Its inorganic part consists mainly of calcium and magnesium carbonates, sulphates and low quantity of radon. This mud - mixed by the lake's water - is used in form of packs.

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Indications: rheumatical and musculoskeletal disorders, organic locomotor disturbances, arthralgia, polyarthritis (but not acut phase!), polyarthrosis, spondylarthritis (M. Bechterew), discopathia, late rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery (prostetic of the joints, discs of backbone, correction etc.), various cases of neuropathy (compression of the nerv), tennis elbow or golf arm, frozen shoulder, peritendinitis, static dysbalance of the body and fibromyalgy etc.


Contraindications: infectious diseases (AIDS, TBC, Hepatitis etc.), all kinds of malignant tumor, multiple sclerosis (S.M.), circulatory disturbances combined with cardiac insufficiency, after operation and attack of the heart (PTCA, Bypass coronary, Myocardial infaction, etc.), - we need the last cardiological opinion, thrombosis, thrombophlebitis (inflammated vessels), serious cases of anaemia, leukaemia, hemophilia, hyperthyreosis (M. Basedow), resistent hypertonic diseases, pregnancy, children under 14 year.


The cure of Heviz


There are different types of cures in Heviz:
- traditional cures
- health-preservation cures
- beauty programs


The effects of the cures:
- physical and mental recreation
- improvement in functioning of the locomotor system
- anti-stress effect
- stabilisation of the autonomic nervous system
- better efficiency

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The guests can - after medical examination - take the following treatments at the hotel's spa center:


Thermal Hotel Heviz-balneotherapie-Spa hotel Heviz

- Balneo- and hydrotherapy (thermal bath, whirlpool, carbon dioxide bath, alternating bath, traction bath, mud pack, underwater jet massage)
- Mechanotherapy (medical massage, foot reflex zone massage, ultrasound treatment, sonophoresis)
- Kinesitherapy (medical gymnastics, water gymnastics, open-air gymnastics)
- Electrotherapy (electric bath, four-cell electric bath, galvanic treatment, iontophoresis, diadinamic current therapy, interference current treatment, TENS
- Fototherapy (infrared radiation, solarium, ultraviolet treatment)
- Magnetotherapy
- Inhalation (aerosol)
- Oxygen therapy
- Special packs
(sulphur, ritex, fluor,.)
- Dental clinic (examination, all kinds of maintenance-surgical and prosthetic treatments as well)
- Ophthalmologist, optician


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